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Paint & Coating Applicators

GMAX 3900

Heavy Duty Paint Sprayer

Powered by a Honda engine with the ability to spray up to 4.3 LPM, the GMAX 3900 is ideal for professional contractors who spray  a wide variety of coatings on large residential, commercial, and industrial jobs. This unit can supply 2 operators simultaneously.

Ultra Max II 595 PC1280.1280 (1).jpeg
Ultra Max II 595 PC Pro

Medium Range Paint Sprayers

Graco's 595 is the ultimate sprayer for medium to larger jobs. The perfect tool for the serious contractor.

GX 21

Small to medium projects

The Graco GX21 is a small yet dependable professional  sprayer.
Light & versatile, designed for small projects. Contrary to Graco's competitors for entry level products, there are no plastic components in this professional painting tool. 

Paint - Coating Sprayers

Surface Prep

Geforce ii pressure washer.1280.1280 (1).jpeg
G-Force II 4040

High Pressure Water Blasters

Graco offers power washers ranging from 200 to 275 bars. 350 bars Sand Blasting, Soft Washing kits & 5 to 7 meters Tele-extensions can equally be supplied. 

Hydra-Clean.1280.1280 (1).jpeg

Industrial Cleaning 

Graco supplies Industries with specialized high pressure cleaning equipment. ATEX approved for hazardous locations, these 300 bars pneumatic washers can blast hot water & cleaning detergents.

Surface preparation

Floor Leveling

GrindLazer RC71.1280.1280 (1).jpeg
GrindLazer RC71 E


Graco's Handheld Series is ideal for rapid small scale floor leveling, trip hazard removal, & ceramic tiles surface roughening.

Grindlazer standard.1280.1280 (1).jpeg
GrindLazer Standard DC87 G

Medium Capacity GrindLazers

The Graco Standard  DC87 is designed to level & scarify asphalt or concrete at a rate of 40 sqm/hr. A huge range of cutting profiles can be adapted to any requirements.

GrindLazer HP DC10131280.1280 (1).jpeg
GrindLazer HP DC1013 G

Heavy Duty GrindLazers

For larger jobs, Graco' s Pro-Series scarifiers will level up to 80 sqm/hr. Ideal for large commercial & industrial use.

Floor Leveling
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