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Vertical Signalisation

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are the most noticeable road furnishing and are vital to the full and safe functioning of roadways. All of our traffic signs are colour-coded to assist the user, and meet all the necessary road safety


Guardrails are the perfect low-cost road safety solution. Used for decades, W-beam guardrails and posts are easy to install, maintain and repair. When using the same guardrail system in multiple locations, labour training costs are reduced.

Prose Highway Guardrails.jpg

Street Lights

Street lighting is essential, and we provide a variety of LED street lighting solutions which are both cost effective and durable.

Crash Cushions

Our crash cushions – React 350 – imported from the USA, are low maintenance and, in many cases, reusable. Our tests have shown that they typically regain 90% of their original shape and capacity after minimal maintenance and repair. Each crash cushion features a HMW/HDPE cylinder and has been tested to NCHRP 350 as a redirective, non-gating crash cushion.



We provide galvanised and PVC coated, welded wire mesh gabions to target soil retention, soil stabilisation, erosion control and flood management. Our gabion can also be used for various architectural and landscaping solutions.

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