Our Products

Our range of products and services includes Hot Melt Thermoplastics Road Markings, Chlorinated Road Marking Paint, with reflective glass beads, traffic signs, cat eyes, steel guardrails and road securities.
We are your one-stop-shop for all professional road-furnishing projects.


Hot Melt Thermoplastic Road Marking

Available in both white and yellow. It is exceptionally wear-resistant, bright and reflective.


Chlorinated Rubberized Road Marking

Available in white, yellow, black and red. It is an excellent temporary road marking material.

Road Marking machines

  1. The Linelazer 130 HS or Linelazer IV 200HS
    The Linelazer range is the preferred hydraulic airless striping machine and is capable of completing even the most demanding jobs to an exceptional standard. The Linelazer can spray a range of paints, including heavy and low Volatile Organic Compounds, waterborne and rubberized traffic paint. This is an ideal machine for continuous, heavy-duty line striping requirements.

  2. Double Boiler Cylinder and Screed Road Marking Machine
    This is a Thermoplastic boiler that allows the expert application of Thermoplastic road paint and the removal of such paint. It is adjustable to the necessary requirements and self-propelled.


Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are the most noticeable road furnishing. These are something the automobile world could not live without, from controlling the flow of traffic and informing you of roadway services to warning you of hazards ahead and guiding you to your destination.
All of our traffic signs are colour coded to assist the user and meet the road safety requirements.


Guardrails are the perfect low cost road safety solution. They are the successful answer to preventing vehicles from leaving the roadway in an accident, used to protect vehicles from steep slopes and other natural hazards. Used for decades W-beam Guardrails and Posts are easy to install, maintain and repair, especially when the same guardrail system is used in multiple locations, reducing labour training costs.

Prose Highway Guardrails.jpg

Street Lights

We provide a variety of LED street lighting solutions; why not get in touch with us for more details.