Whowe are

We, at PROSEC, provide a range of products and services, within the road markings, securities and signs arena, to road and building contractors, Government and local authorities, as well as, private clients, such as hotel, apartment, building or commercial complex and carpark contractors.

Using only the best materials, equipments and products, all of which are internationally recognised and tested from our European suppliers, we ensure that we remain the leading provider of road products and securities. This guarantees you a longer lifetime for all of your road markings and highest standard of road furnishings.

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Our range of products and services includes:

Road Studs (Cat Eyes) | Rubber Humps | Guardrails | Traffic Signs } Street Lighting | Crash Cushions | Gabion | Measuring Wheel | Geotextiles and Geomembranes | Hot Melt Thermoplastics Road Markings | Chlorinated Road Marking Paint with reflective glass beads | Removal Of Obsolete Markings | Measuring and Testing Instrument | Water Blasting Machine.

We are your one-stop-shop for all professional road-furnishing projects.

Who areour clients

We have a large portfolio of clients, many of whom are regular clients due to consistent and superior service that we provide. Some of these regular clients include:

Government of Mauritius
Colas Maurice Ltée
General Construction Co. Ltd
Gamma Construction Ltd
Transinvest (Mauritius) Ltd
Best Construct Co. Ltd
Chang Cheng Esquare
Beijing Chang Cheng Construction Corp
Sinohydro Corporation Mauritius Ltd
China State Construction Engineering Corp